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Bot Builder:

Creating Trustworthy Bots with Auto-Reply:

Guide to Creating a Bot and Sending Messages in SendPulse:

  1. Registration and Bot Creation:

    • Go to the website, enter a random phone number, complete the captcha, and click the "Registration" button.

Go to Chatbots. messengers/connect/telegram/

Click the Connect Channels button.

Enter the token of the BotFather bot you created and click Connect.

  1. Click the Open in browser button.

  2. Copy the entire URL.

  3. Send the copied URL as a Telegram message to any chat, e.g., Saved Messages.

  4. Open the link in Telegram and click START.

  5. Customize the welcome message:

    • Click Welcome message.

    • Tap Edit the flow.

    • To create a new message, drag the icon in the box on the right.

    • Customize this message by setting its path and execution conditions, such as creating a message triggered by the /start command.

To create a simple bot:

  1. Click on the message box to open the control panel.

  2. In the control panel:

    • Change the message text.

    • Add buttons, photos, and other elements.

  3. Set the message for the /start command to "๐ŸŽ $TOKEN Airdrop".

  4. Customize the button:

    • Enter the button text.

    • Check the URL box.

    • Enter the link to your webapp (more about Mini APP).

    • Check the box for using the webapp.

    • Click "Add".

    • Click "Apply".

  5. Save your changes to apply them.

Setting Up Your Bot

Sending a Message with a Button

  1. Typing /start:

    • The bot will send a message with a button that opens the drainer.

Adding a Photo

  1. Click Add... and select Image to add a photo.

  2. Once the photo is added, remove the welcome message by clicking the shopping cart icon.

Customizing the Webapp

  1. Add text such as โ€œ๐ŸŽ $NOT Airdropโ€.

  2. Customize the button as needed.

  1. For a button with text but no link, select Continue flow.

  2. Pinch and move the message block to the workspace.

  3. Enter the text and customize the buttons if necessary.

  4. Link the button to the message block.

IMPORTANT: Utilize user newsletters and statistics.

In addition to a beautiful interface, the service provides comprehensive bot statistics, including user counts, actions taken, and buttons clicked. Mailing allows sending custom messages to all users who have used the /start command. It is recommended to run several mailings per day to enhance efficiency. Creating a mailing

  • Big profits and smooth traffic! Be creative and don't just stick to templates; you can make more advanced bots, and it'll be great!

    Check: the mailing should be sent, and the dashboard will show the stats. Choose a name for the campaign, set the publication time, and click Send a campaign. Configure the message: text, photo, buttons, etc., then click Next. Go to your bot's page and click **Create campaign

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