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We offer a fully automated crypto traffic project, supported by our team with extensive experience in this field since 2018.
We provide a fully automated process without payment delays thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Our platform acts as an intermediary between offers and arbitrageurs, ensuring instant and uninterrupted interaction. With automated solutions, we minimize the risk of delays and maximize efficiency for all participants in the process.

We are an official company.

CryptoGrab is an officially registered company in several countries around the world, authorized to provide services. If needed, we can transfer payments from our company accounts. We have an office and representation in the UK; here is the link to the registry.

Our websites have EV SSL

What is EV SSL?
EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer) is the highest level of SSL certification that verifies the authenticity and legitimacy of the owner of a web resource. This certificate is different from a regular SSL certificate in that it requires a more rigorous verification of the company or organization during its acquisition. Key points and advantages of using EV SSL on our sites include:
  • Maximum data security: EV SSL provides the highest level of protection for users' confidential data. It is used to encrypt information transmitted between the user and the server, preventing potential attacks by malicious actors and data breaches.
  • Confirmation of legitimacy: The process of obtaining EV SSL includes a strict verification of the company or organization that owns the web resource. Users can be confident they are dealing with a real and trusted organization, not a fake or fraudulent site.
  • Increased user trust: When users see that our site has EV SSL, they can be assured that their data is protected and handled by a reliable and legitimate web resource. This contributes to increased trust and comfort when conducting online transactions or interacting with the site.
  • Green address bar and logo: Browsers display a green address bar and the company's logo when a user is on a site with EV SSL. This serves as an additional signal to the user about the security and authenticity of the web resource.
Our domains that have passed verification and have EV SSL include,, and
Obtaining an EV SSL certificate with a $1,500,000 guarantee confirms our reliability and opens access to major suppliers such as Binance, StormGain, Etoro, and others.

CRM CryptoGrab co-operation with large suppliers.

The updated CRM will include all verified suppliers, including those mentioned above. The company advocates for lawful business practices and offers improved terms for suppliers willing to operate legally. Global compliance: This year, it is planned to meet all requirements for operating the affiliate network in all countries worldwide.

DEX community and principles of co-operation. Our infrastructure services are designed to ensure maximum efficiency in the interaction between the trafficker (traffic supplier) and the offer (product or service). We aim to create a convenient and flexible platform that allows for the optimization of workflows and maximization of results. A key feature of our platform is the ability to make strategy amendments both from the Direct Offer side and by the employee. This means that both parties can actively participate in optimizing and adapting working methods according to changing needs and market demands.

The strategy management process is based on the principle of majority voting. This means that each participant can express their opinion and suggest changes, and then the decision is made based on the majority of participants' votes. This approach to management ensures democracy and transparency in decision-making, as well as providing a broad perspective on the problem and a variety of solutions.
Ultimately, we strive to create an environment where each participant can actively participate in shaping the work strategy, contributing to the overall success and development of our business. Every service provider undergoes verification and some KYC for reliability, or makes a deposit. Each case is individual, but we aim to protect traffickers and offer suppliers from any problems. In the event of a complaint against an offer supplier, an additional check or verification may be called.
From the traffickers and arbitrators' side, we guarantee auto-payouts, complete transparency, no AML (Anti-Money Laundering) controls, we operate through P2P, your profit is credited to you in most cases - without falling into your hands. We do not work with DEX assets or assets that have value or are AML verified. i.e., only assets that are stored using 12/24 words from a public dictionary. Without any passwords and not tied to a person or monetary assets.
Automatic payouts: We guarantee auto-payouts, ensuring quick and efficient receipt of your profit without unnecessary delays or complications. Complete transparency: We provide complete transparency in our operations and financial processes, so you are always confident in the honesty and openness of our actions. No AML controls: We do not apply AML controls, meaning your activity and financial resources remain entirely in your hands without any intervention or restrictions. P2P (peer-to-peer) technology: We operate based on P2P technology, providing direct and secure interaction between participants, bypassing intermediaries and ensuring a high level of confidentiality. Asset security: We work only with assets stored using 12/24 words from a public dictionary, ensuring a high level of security and protection against potential threats. No link to personal data or financial assets: We do not require you to provide personal information or link to financial assets, ensuring the anonymity and confidentiality of your operations.

AI Artificial intelligence in CryptoGrab and its role

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in CryptoGrab, ensuring the uniqueness of sites, creating additional pages with unique content, SEO optimization, and supporting necessary pages and files.
AI is used to create unique layouts and texts for websites, preventing content duplication and making each site unique. AI also generates additional pages with various themes and content, improving information coverage and user experience.
Through AI algorithms, content is SEO-optimized for better ranking in search engines, which includes the use of keywords, optimization of titles, and meta tags. Additionally, AI generates unique content for different types of users, including administrators and regular users, enhancing personalization and security.
CryptoGrab also automatically generates and maintains privacy policy pages, terms of use, robots.txt, and sitemap pages with AI, ensuring compliance with legislation and ease of use for both users and search engines.

Trust Our Integrity Guarantees

  • EV SSL with 1.5 million guarantee: Our website is secured with EV SSL certificate with 1.5 million guaranteed, which provides a high level of data encryption and privacy protection. Experience since 2018: We have been successfully operating since 2018, which proves our reliability and stability. Our experience shows that we are competent at what we do and have a positive reputation amongst our clients.
  • Forum Reviews: We have review threads on over 100 forums, which demonstrates our transparency and trust from our clients. These reviews demonstrate our openness and ability to provide high quality services.
  • Fully open and automated: We are fully open and automated in our operations. The entire process is visible to our clients and they can control it at every step. Our payments are fully decentralised and we do not have access to clients' assets, which ensures the safety and privacy of their funds.
  • Channel where some of the payouts and forum reviews are published

How do I get started?

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How does this all work?.

Dive a little deeper and start exploring our project to get an idea of all the features of our products.

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