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Lots of tutorials on how to pour traffic for beginners!


This article is divided into several parts, namely:

  1. What is traffic?

  2. Reaching the audience with Tiktok spills (chips, bugs, fixes, etc.)

  3. audience reach from Youtube Shorts. (chips, bugs, fixes, etc.)

  4. audience reach from Twitter spills.

  5. Audience coverage from Instagram straits.

  6. Audience reach from steam.

  7. Audience reach with Telegram. (anonymous chat, divinchik).

  8. Coverage of the audience with Google ADS ( the author did not have enough money for a manual )

  9. Reaching the audience with Facebook.

  10. Reach the audience with Discord.

  11. audience coverage with Vkontakte.

  12. Audience reach with Twitch.

  13. Summarize the results, draw conclusions.

Let's get started!

_Part 1. What is traffic?

What is traffic? Traffic is the reach of a certain number of people who have seen your advertising placement/post, after which they go to your resource, after which you have a profit.

It is quite difficult to explain in words.

In short: we make a video in some social network, after which people visit our profile/site, after which we have a material benefit from this traffic. Traffic is also used to promote your business.

Let's say a person posted a video in which he advertises his clothes, which soon he is going to sell.

Further on the link in the description of this video, they go to the site, buy the product and the person has a profit. This is the material benefit from traffic.

    1. Audience reach from spills in Tiktok (fixes, bugs, _fixes, etc.d.).

Reaching an audience from tiktok is no less troublesome than from youtube. Let's start at the very, very beginning. Audience reach is divided into two different types: Overseas.

non-Russian-speaking people) and CIS (Russian-speaking people) I think it is clear to everyone. First I will tell you how to pour traffic to the CIS, then Zabugor.

  1. Download tiktok.

  2. Go into it, then there are 2 branches:

Register an account through a temporary email, or through a temporary number. Believe me, there is a difference.

When registering for Temporary mail: we can not "Warm" the account, because of which most of the traffic - is lost. ( About warming and how to warm explained below in the

spoiler )

When registering on a temporary (virtual phone number): we can warm the account, will go good traffic. ( I advise more this

method, because warming plays a big role in spills, in addition, numbers to activate tiktok are not expensive, although if you do not have 5 rubles on the

temporary number, then use https://temp-mail.org/ru/ to register in tiktok).

  1. We have registered. Now to the design of our profile. Be sure to put an avatar, some description of the profile in tiktoka do all the beauty .

  2. Let's get to the chips.

For example, we have Anton. Anton well he is in Africa Anton, does not know how to pour tiktoki. He registers an account, makes a beautiful design, invests his soul, does everything on the mind, but here is the misfortune! You can read more about t ut. His videos are constantly blocked and tiktok in any way does not want to approve this video and collect views on the video! So what was he doing wrong?

First, we'll start with the fact that our Antoshka was uploading videos

with banwords (words for which tiktok will block your videos automatically, without proceedings), wrote words such as:

free, giveaway, free, money, cryptocurrency, p2p, p2p and many more! And he didn't even realize that you should write like this, for example:

" Hi everyone! Recently found a s@ite, which d@et free 100 usdt on registration, here is my t3legram: username there some what. " But here again Anton has a problem! His telegram is not gaining any views at all! Why is that?

Because you have to do this: link.

Now our Anton has the opportunity to add a link in the profile settings!

He added a link to his Telegram and the views started to grow!

(Quite a simple factor, but it has a great impact on traffic, because all the people

sitting in tiktok are just too lazy to rewrite the tag tag of the channel in Telegram and just screw it up)

  1. An equally important factor is how exactly you pour.

I recommend to pour tiktok using carousel ( it is adding several photos, with the ability to flip them one by one )

Go to the main page, click the plus sign.

Button "Upload" and at the bottom of the screen "Upload multiple options" Click "Next", then do not forget to click such a button as: "Go to photo mode".

Now you can flip through your photos. The question arises. Why make a carousel? ( Algorithms of tiktok are actually arranged in a tricky way, because of what when viewing 1 photo, tiktok counts it as a complete viewing of the whole carousel.

carousel, so all carousels get +-600 views.)

What to do if suddenly our carousels are blocked? There are also several solutions to this problem.

  1. Switch from photo mode to video mode (when adding photos for carousel, yes, they can't be flipped, but videos will either not be banned, or will be banned, but much less often).

  2. Fix the carousel in this way: Change the description of the video,

remove hashtags, pour without them, and also set filters on the video (for each video filter must be different, otherwise - will not fly)

6. What to do if the videos do not fly? As far as I know, the videos on the account, which was registered to a virtual number, will fall into the shadow will be less often, so as the first option:

  1. Delete tiktok, download and register a new account, but already on a virtual number.

  2. Videos must be unique, including carousels. If you pour video

  • you need to change the font of the text on the video / shoot the video in a different way, so that the video began to fly, for users carousel same I can advise you to use this site to unique your pictures, to less stress with the uniqueization: t .me/zuckereye_bot You can certainly look for a uniqueizer for video, but it will be more difficult and unlikely to find a normal, just

Just do the carousels.


  • Link

Now moving on to the booger straits!

  1. Buy a proxy of the country we will be streaming. *ะš ะ›ะ˜ะš*

  2. Download proxyroid/potatso ( first for android, second for iPhone )

  3. change the region in the settings to the country we are going to cast, and also set an additional language on the device. How to change the region on android: ( after the

change reboot the phone )

  1. Take out the sim card from our phone.

  2. disable comments.

How to change the region on iPhone (do not put likes):

We will also need to reset the network settings. Android:

  1. Download Ticktock.

  2. Connect the proxy we bought.

  3. Launch tiktok, register.

  4. However, that's all, nothing further is any different. as from cng proxies, everything just has to be in the language of the country you are pouring.

Pro Warming:

Prowarming - used to better promote your videos to your target audience, recommending your video to your target audience. What to do to ensure that your videos are recommended to the exact audience you want. Sounds like a theorem from a geometry textbook, doesn't it? Okay, then put it into practice!

How do accounts "warm up"?

We registered in tiktok, go to the search engine and write for example: "Crypto" or "CsGo". We go to the first video that comes up.

Watch it 2-3s, like it, subscribe to the author. Scroll to the next video.

Watch, Like, Subscribe, repeat +-10 times. Exit tiktok completely, (close the tab with tiktok).

Go back into it, flip through the recommendations and look for videos with suitable topics. For example, csgo.

Skip all videos except for csgo. Once you have found a vidik with csgo, like it, sabayusya on the author, watch this video preferably longer.

Scroll through the recommendations further, looking again for us suitable topics.

like, sababayem. (subscribe) And so do until there will be 4-5 videos in a row on csgo or crypto. If this happened - congratulations, your account is ready to shed!

Audience Reach from Youtube Shorts spills Youtube Shorts. (fixes, bugs, fixes and secrets)

Youtube Shorts. This is probably the most versatile traffic tool out there. There are actually so many ways to traffic.

  1. Let's start, perhaps, with the base. You can cast shorts, thereby luring in new and new people. Everything is really simple. All the information on how to properly

I described in this article. Therefore, I will not rewrite all the information from there. I will only tell the chips and add information.

  1. If we in any way do not want to zaletat youtube shorts - we can buy advertising from YouTube, of which any of your videos will gain popularity, not depending on the popularity, etc. Only this way will be costly.

How to buy advertising?

Go to Google, write in the search engine: "Buy advertising youtube"

And before us appears a huge number of sites on which we can buy advertising, I will not single out any of these sites, so that the article is not removed for advertising. Choose any taste and color, you choose on your budget, etc. Buy advertising from any company and spin it. Many scam companies use this method, let's say the same logs robloxa, such advertising wahlom. Or advertising applications, etc. . You can dig into this whole topic, but the money for advertising will have to pay a lot of money, although the traffic will be juicy.

There is also a secret way traffing, but it is also already for experienced users and costly, I will break it all down point by point.

  1. We need to buy a dedik.

  2. Start the dedic, pump obs.

  3. Create a topic in "Jobs and Services" with the content: " Looking for a person who will play CSGO with webcam, comment on everything, just behave normally, present yourself as a streamer. We will need 3-4 hours of "Stream"

  4. Buy an account with 10k+ YouTube subs, no matter what rega.

  5. Pour a few vids on csgo, let it be even shorts, take any, in the same tiktok. Nakruchivayut on them views, likes, comments.

  6. Formalize beautifully channel, make it look like a live channel.

  7. In the header of the profile leave a link to your tgk ( telegram channel )

  8. Telegram channel do also live, nakruchivayut views, reactions, disable comments.

  9. In the telegram channel leave our link to stim profile, ะผะพะป ะทะฐ ะฟะพะดะฟะธัะบัƒ ะธ ะปะฐะนะบ on my channel give skins, make a hyperlink. You need to add me friends and I will give you a skin at the end of the stream.

  10. Create a stream on the channel write: " I play in CSGO, frequent pranks, I give out skins for subscription and likes! "

  11. Nakruchivayut on the stream of regular viewers, with the help of software, which you can also buy on lolza.

  12. Nakruchivayut also likes and make +- active chat also with the help of bots (you can incidentally connect ii, so that he communicated with each other)

  13. Leave a link to our Telegram channel, with the call that after a while I will give you skins.

  14. In the same we loop our stream, which will go very long, up to infinity ( because it's all we have on the dedik )

  15. Get passive profit and logs.

Unbelievable? Yes! Now this topic will die because after my article all will run to do similar streams.

It's really genius, you are walking somewhere, and you fall money on the balik, just shssss! Don't tell anyone, okay?

I think I've said all I need to say about YouTube, let's move on to the next part!

Twitter audience coverage from the straits of Twitter. ( expensive-rich, so not for everyone )

Let's start with the fact that Twitter is not the best

the best way to traffic. More and more Twitter is getting sick and will die soon Mammoths are becoming less and less and it's getting harder to pour.

P.S However, if you're set on vork, this shouldn't stop you either. This is influenced by such factors as: Ilon Musk, who wants to get rid of the bots, making Twitter paid, and in general, the fact that Twitter was taken over by another person. But still, how does one go about casting a tweet?

Let's go!

1. We need to get a Twitter Blue account. (check mark)

The duration of the procedure is on average 7 days, so we do not need it, we will buy them. I don't recommend taking seylers from lolz as we have very, very high prices for ticks. Found for you a bot in which you can take not expensive ( relatively, compared to lolz ) accounts.

Attention! In no case do not advertise this service and do not encourage you to buy anything in it! I am not responsible for your money! They are responsible for them - only you. You can buy anywhere, just so that I have no questions and claims were not!

The bot itself with akkicha: t.me/PreiShopBot

Further do everything according to this manual, because if you describe it all in the article will be very, very long and AP can be caught, arbs will roll up and I will get one place. Author's manual on Twitter: *Click

That's the whole point of Twitter. It's all very convoluted and complicated, so my personal advice: don't tweet, it's time-consuming and profitable.

Instagram's coverage of auidotyria from the straits.

Well, what can I say. This method of traffic is not bad enough, something even similar to Tiktok and Shorts in youtubchik, but in our case here - Reels. We'll also take traffic from Instagram posts. Well, let's get started.

  1. Registrar in Instagram. We can use either the same as in tiktok

or a temporary e-mail *PUMS* ( or gmail ), or a virtual number. I also want to say that many people sometimes had problems at this stage.

The registration code simply simply does not come, so there is another solution. Buy an Instagram account, or zaregestrirovat a new one with the help of receiving sms.

  1. After registration, we also design the account.

We make an avatar, warm it ( put likes on posts, show activity on the account), create a description of the account.

  1. Upload our vid to instagram. And click the button "Promote".

  1. You can promote both posts and stories.

Choose "More site visits", then choose the target audience.

Choose categories, fill everything in, then pay.

All done, now our post is advertised to other users!

What about free traffic on instagram..... I can't say for sure.

Certainly we can upload videos to Reels and with a slim chance they will pop in and collect views,

but it's such a slim chance that it's better to promote all your posts with ads. So don't worry and buy it, the recommendations of the target audience in Instagram are very good, so logs and

profits for sure!

Audience coverage with steam.

Basically, this is probably the shortest m anual on steaming with steam. All you'll need for traffic: a steam account with prime and a little bit of SI skills. ( social engineering, that is, socializing with people )

Let's get started!

The first way of traffic ( the most profitable, but active):

  1. Go to the account steam with prime, go to the server DM ( Deathmatch ) / .

Laying a bomb.

  1. Go into observer mode, look for types that have skins / inventory, cast your eye on it.

  2. Further in the gs say: " Zdarov men, there are those who want to play tourik, because I do not have a teammate, lacks one person in the team, and tourik will start in 20 minutes! "

  3. In a good outcome we will respond to people who want to play, further improvise.

  • "Okay, come with us then, I'll add you as a friend, and then we'll discuss."

  • "Okay."

Then go with him to chat styma / gs styma and explain to him the whole point of the case, take away from the conversation, calm him down, hang noodles on his ears in general

We're like:

  • " Turik will be literally in 20 minutes, we will play 5x5 to 9 wins, there will be 3

short matches, you ready? "

  • โ™ช Yeah, okay โ™ช

  • " Okay, so here's the link to the site, sign up for the tourik and I'll get you in the lobby, as soon as you sign up, text me."

  • " Okay. "

And that's it, voila, the bird is in the cage. However, this method has a disadvantage: Mafaila do not live long and resasayut accounts very quickly, which can be seen in my profile on the percentages. So I don't really recommend this way of caging, you will just get tired in time and that's it.

Better use the following method!

  1. Buy autoreg akkichi

  2. Join all sorts of groups in styme, which has chat rooms

  3. Buy software on lolza, the proger, which will automatically spam in the chat of your groups prepared text, for example:

"Here you can get free skins - *link*".

  1. thus we will have passive logs without doing anything.

This is the end of the traffic stima.

_Telegram Audience Reach.

Telegram. No less convenient tool for good traffic. It's characterized

in its flexibility and versatility. It can be used for many purposes, which we will now talk about.

Let's go!

  1. There's traffic from Davincic. As hackneyed as it sounds, but it's true.

In Daiwinchik, well, just a vork will live for centuries and there is no way to eradicate it.

The creators of Daivinci have already tried to fix the situation by adding a shadow. What is it and how to remove the possibility of getting it? Let me explain.

  1. What is a shadow ban? Shadow ban is when we create a new profile in daivinci, but no likes are given to our profile. ( Not because the girl / guy in daivinci what is not beautiful, it is a system ban from daivinci, because of which our profile is simply not visible to other people).

How do I fight it? Yeah, I could rewrite my old tutorial on how to remove a shadow ban.

but I was such a krinjich kekich back then, but I'm too lazy to rewrite it all, so you'll have to read tons of mate in this article, but trust me, the shadow ban will be removed with 80% chance, although the topic has long been closed, but a lot of users wrote to me that the article really helped them, you can read it *HERE*.

Also, I'd like to add: Use different photos of the person constantly, not repetitive in the div. Look for people on instagram so the likelihood of there being a similar profile to yours is very low, also low likelihood of getting shadowed.

In Daivinci we can PR any vork, including cryptocurrency, games, khe- khe ( further such can not be voiced ) and much, much more!

  1. Anonymous chat.

Well, let's start with the disadvantages. In anonymous chat usually sit only muzhichki, which in life no longer need anything but to pull his boa constrictor on someone, give only the opportunity for what traffic from anonymous chat is not very good.

chat room is not very good.

Second: interested persons to your traffic will be here not so much, though.... Let's get to the pros!

  1. Buy a dedik.

  2. Go to the section*programming*, looking for a proger who will make us spammer messages in anonymous chat at a nice price ( I would like to

recommend my Kentik friend who does everything at a nice price.

prices, quickly and in general he is a cool proger who loves his work @oy0r0 - his telegram, he has a thread on lolz, but I can't find it, ask him,

tell him you are from wild tu nake :) )

  1. Buy tg autoreg account

  2. Warm it up with messages in any chat rooms, so that akkich did not fly to ban from Telegram, go to an anonymous chat room, prepare a text, turn on the software and fly to Miami to bathe in warm water, while we drip keshik.

4. Private way invented by me ( only cis)

  1. Fly into youtube. Write in the search "CsGo"

  2. Looking in the description of the video link to telegram channel.

  3. Go to telegram channels that were in the description of the video, go to +- 15-20 channels.

  4. Prepare a text " Zdarov men, I'm going to shed from ks, I'm going to work, will not be up to games, write in a lis, give some skins".

  5. Fly into the comments post in Telegram, where sits a lot of people, write there our message.

  6. Change the channel, flood in each.

  7. Do everything very quickly, because with a great probability our account in tg from a large number of reports can fly off, so it is better to pour morning - night.

  8. As the mammoth comes, then formalize it, throw phish link through a hyperlink, all. Log in your pocket.

Audience reach from Facebook.

However, I can't say anything interesting about Facebook, but again, this method is COSTLY like other methods. But it's not as complicated as

like, say, Twitter. More about rekla on fb only t ut. Since Instagram is an application from Facebook, it is difficult.

P.S. I spent an hour looking for good information, but never found what I needed.

I would attach screenshots and other information to make everything beautiful and understandable, but I do not have the strength and time for this, in addition, the phone is broken, pc too ( I write from an old laptop which is 12 years old).

Therefore, I found only this guide, where the man golodno, almost that without water tells how to advertise their posts:

  • https://youtu.be/_eIg68ioeNY

_Discord Audience Reach.

What can I say, Discord. Discord is a platform where you can make traffic on any topic, including cryptocurrency, due to which it is also an indispensable tool for vork.

I'm tired of talking gognali, so let's go straight to the topic!

  1. Go to YouTube, if we are looking for traffic on cryptocurrency, write something about cryptocurrency, let's say Crypto, if on CSGO, write CSGO.

  2. Go to the video, go down to the description of the video, if there is no discord server

  • skip, if there is a discord server, go to it.

  1. I recommend not to work from the main account, but from a twink, buy a discord account.

  2. Make the nickname of our account, put an avatar.

  3. Further decides the imagination and skills of SI. If cryptocurrency - lure under the pretext that they have found a way around/theme/secret earnings, which no one knows about.

that no one knows about. If csgo/dota and other games that are in stime - lure under the pretext that found a site that gives away free skins/items/games, offer to play a tournament.

  1. Discord chips: Now you can hide links in this way (taken from the channel LOLZ TEAM HE SCAM)

Actually, now we can say that the discord work is also alive.

You can also experiment with software that will spam your message to all discord channels at once.

That's it with Discord, charge! Vkontakte audience reach.

That's it. Good luck!


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