Here we'll give you some information about possible sources of of free traffic.

Traffic (free)

Where to get traffic from ?

When choosing the design we are going to promote, we have many options and ways to promote. We can independently interact with people on Telegram asking them to enter a promo code and get bonuses and stuff like that. We can also target traffic to different areas such as Cloud Mining, HardFork, Giveaway, Swaps , Vallets.Most of our designs are based on existing sites that have a lot of YouTube videos and promotional material that can be easily found on Google.To start with a little recommendation of what to do to find better traffic:

  1. 1.Study the Audience - Analyze your target audience - you need to understand who you plan to work with: investors, NFT market, NFT games, AirDrop, Swap, exchanges, etc..

  2. 2.Select Design - Consider audience preferences when selecting a design - it's important to understand what will be of interest to your target audience you intend to engage with.

  3. 3.Testing Traffic - Don't be afraid to experiment and try different methods, designs and styles. There are many ways to attract traffic these days, so turn on your imagination and find your own approach.

  4. 4.Select a geographic location - Take the time to analyze the geographic distribution of your target audience. Track where the most profitable users come from, try to understand in which countries and cities your offerer is popular..

_We remind you: our primary task is to attract the user to the site, and then it all depends on whether he will connect his wallet, confirm the transfer of tokens. _

We will give you several ways in which you can find traffic without any initial investment and earn for future improvements in the way you attract that traffic.

  • First way: _ _ _ _ _ Social Media and Messenger Marketing This method is relevant and profitable, although it requires a small investment to buy spam accounts. By sending targeted messages to a targeted audience, significant profits can be achieved. The choice of sources for distributing links is quite wide: from popular social networks to messengers such as Telegram, Twitter and Discord. If you prefer a free way to attract traffic, you can search for popular crypto projects and NFT collections, then join their Telegram chats or Discord channels and monitor discussions in hopes of discovering potential users. You can then send them a private message and use various methods to attract them to your site. In this case you can act as a regular user, administrator or project representative depending on the situation and your imagination.

  • Second Method: Filing a video on YouTube Uploading videos on YouTube is an effective way to attract traffic. If you have basic editing skills, you can create a short review on one of our sites, explaining to viewers how they can get free tokens or NFTs by logging in to your site. Forums are also available to improve your video's search engine ranking. This is relatively inexpensive but effective in attracting organic views.

  • _** Third way: Filing videos on TikTok Promotion through TikTok is based on studying trends, optimizing videos and account to get into recommendations. TikTok's audience is getting older and more solvent every year. You can create a short review on one of our sites, upload it to TikTok and repeat this with different accounts. Add a link to our site in your profile beforehand. You can also order views, likes, comments and other activity on specialized exchanges, such as SeoSprint, for a small fee.

  • Fourth way: _ E-mailing Emailing Emailing is still one of the most effective ways to attract traffic. It all depends on the quality of your database. You can collect email addresses on forums or in the descriptions of popular cryptocurrency videos, where contact information for communication is usually provided. You can also find popular videos with lots of comments and manually collect email addresses or write a program to automate this process if you have programming skills. It is recommended to research information about attracting traffic using this method on the Internet, where you can find much more useful information. In this case, your success depends on your creativity.

  • Fifth method: _ _ Attracting traffic through SEO Attracting traffic through SEO allows you to attract visitors to your website, channel on Yandex.Zen or VKontakte group. In order for the site to be indexed by search engines, it must be filled with high-quality unique content and have good behavioral factors. If you have creative skills, this way of attracting a new target audience is right for you. For more information on this topic, you can consult open sources on the Internet. It is important to note, for this method you will need personal hosting, because the bot by default disables indexing in search networks.

  • Sixth way: _ _ _ Attracting traffic through Pinterest The Pinterest platform allows you to create collections of images and actively promote links. The target audience is mainly foreign, which is an advantage, because, as practice shows, in the CIS high-yield wallets are less common. As in previous cases, you can find a lot of information on the Internet about attracting traffic through Pinterest.

  • _Seventh way: _ _ Creating blogs Creating blogs is similar to creating your own website, except for the need to pay for a domain and hosting. You just need to register on the platform, write interesting articles, include keywords for SEO and promote them. Articles can be indexed by search engines, and some platforms actively promote the content of active authors by recommending it to their readers. Examples of free blogging platforms include Mail Pulse, Live Journal, and Blogger.

  • _Eighth way: _ _ _ _Forums and Q&A services It is important to choose an active cryptocurrency forum where discussions take place and users ask questions. You need to learn how to naturally include a link to our site in the comments and give expert advice. If you just post a link with a general phrase like "Try this, it worked for me", you will not be taken seriously and negative comments may appear in response to your comment.

In conclusion, I would like to add that having a sufficient amount of motivation and desire you will easily find traffic that will begin to bring you profit_.

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